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Sheathe Cleaning Implement


The Sheathe is a dish brush specifically for cleaning knives, designed for a high end traditional style household. The brush head features inward facing bristles to maximise the cleaning effect while ensuring the knife is cleaned safely.


Using a dishwasher to clean expensive kitchen knives rapidly decreases the life of the knife as well as causing the blade to become blunt. This is due to the extended hot water exposure as well as being moved around and bashed against other cutlery.


The alternative to this is to wash the knife by hand in the sink but this is still not entirely ideal. Using a standard dish brush is not that effective for cleaning a knife blade and can quickly damage the brush. Doing it by hand or using a cloth can work but is also very dangerous, especially if the knife is kept as sharp as it should be.


The Sheathe provides a solution that is not only safe to use, but is effective on getting knives clean. The Brush insert can be removed and put in the dishwasher for cleaning or to be replaced after a longer period of time as the bristles inevitably lose their stiffness.



The style of the brush is influenced by the look of traditional kitchen knives with the wooden handle sections separated by the steel tang. The handle is peened together with brass rod and so is the cast aluminium brush head.




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