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Harmos Horton Lusk Office Furniture

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This project was taken up by the Creative Team at John Stephens & Co. for the new Harmos Horton Lusk Floor in Auckland City Central. The brief was for 4 tables and 3 sideboards to be of a cohesive design and in keeping with the Architects plan for the entire floor.


The largest table, a sixteen seater boardroom table was the basis for the other designs and was therefore the primary concept. The requirement was for a contemporary style table with traditional manufacturing materials alongside the integration of cutting edge technology support. The table also had to be made in pieces so that it could be transported up to the 31st floor of the highrise building.


The end product was a 5.6 x 2.8 metre table made from solid oak with dark grey leather inlays and a steel sub-structure. In the inlays you’ll find 6 concealed electrical boxes with power and data outlets. The table top sits on 3 wide legs with the same finish timber as the top. These conceal the cables for electrical connectivity. The oval shape of the table allows for more seating space around the table without increasing the overall size.


The 10 seater boardroom table is similar in design, just scaled down to 2/3 of the size. The 6 seater meeting tables are a more simplistic design with a more square shape to fit the smaller rooms they are in.


The sideboards have solid oak tops matching the tables and minimalistic molded handles on the door profile.

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