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AviSlack Avalanche Kit

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The Black Diamond AviSlack kit is an avalanche safety kit designed for resort backcountry skiers. Two thirds of all backcountry skiing is done just outside of ski resorts and the proximity to the serviced area gives people a false sense of safety. In reality, they are just as exposed to the dangers of avalanches and absolutely need to be carrying avalanche safety gear.


This consists of an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel. The cost of buying and inconvenience of carrying contribute to people not having this gear in the resort backcountry area.

The AviSlack kit would be available for rent from ski resorts to allow people to have the necessary gear without the vast upfront cost. The small size and lightweight reduces the inhibition of sitting safely on a chairlift and isn’t cumbersome or uncomfortable to ski with.

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The shovel acts as a hard shell on the outside of the bag and has a telescoping handle. It is made from all composite materials to have an ideal blend of strength, durability and weight. 


The probe sits inside the bag and has a pull handle for quick assembly. It is made from Aluminium to be robust and light. 


The transceiver pouch is on the bag straps for central positioning and ease of access.


The outside of the bag has RECCO reflectors on each face as another level of detectability.


There is a small amount of room inside the bag for essentials like water, gloves, goggles and a first aid kit.

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